Rock Formations - dojulander
Light Pillar, Antelope Canyon, Navajo Reservation, Arizona:<br />
In the morning and evening when the light is usually beautiful, Antelope Canyon is very subdued.  But at noontime the canyon puts on a spectacular light show as the noonday sun creeps down the winding, twisted sandstone revealing shapes and colors which can only be found there.  The “Light Pillar” is the result of a long exposure and my two daughters, Danielle and Kellie, throwing sand into the air to create the effect.

Basalt Formation at Sunrise Left Image, Devil’s Postpile, National Monument, California:
Before the sun rises too high in the sky, the Postpile rests in shadow with subtle, reflected light from the opposite mountain for illumination. The result is a blue, purple hue with the striking contrast of yellow lichen dotting the columns. This image was captured while camping with my daughters who remained in their warm sleeping bags while I enjoyed the frosty morning without my usual assistants.

BasaltFormationLeftImageDevils PostpileNational MonumentCalifornia