Sand Dunes and the Desert - dojulander
Sand Dunes at Sunset, Death Valley National Park, California:<br />
With a spring storm covering the afternoon sky, my daughter, Kellie, and I hiked for over three hours through these Death Valley sand dunes with the optimistic hope of capturing the beauty of this desert.  After finding this picturesque scene, we waited and watched as the sun set below the cloud line lighting up the dunes.  In less than 10 minutes the light was gone leaving a wonderful memory and this image of the beautiful dunes.

Saguaro & Teddy-Bear Cholla, Saguaro National Park, Arizona:
Heavy spring rains brought my daughter, Kellie, and I to Saguaro National Park in hopes of finding images of wildflowers. During this adventure we found this picturesque view of saguaro and teddy-bear cholla cacti. This image is particularly memorable as we had to remove a segment of a teddy-bear cholla cactus with its barbed spines from Kellie’s hand. She was only 10 years old at the time. She was very brave and didn’t even cry. I am not sure I would have been so brave.

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