Oceans, Lakes and Waterfalls - dojulander
Havasu Falls Panorama, Havasupai, Arizona:<br />
What could easily be a scene from some tropical, exotic location is actually an image of the Havasupai Falls in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Calcium carbonate (lime) gives the water its blue-green cast and causes the travertine formations to build up.  Only a month later, a flood roared through the falls, broke off the travertine veil and radically changed the appearance of the falls.   This image is actually a composite of four photographs stitched together to create one.

Anahola Bay Kauai, Hawaii:
This image is the result of a surprise Christmas present from my wife, Kayoko, who arranged a morning photography expedition with a professional photographer, Aaron Feinberg, who does wonderful work on Kauai. I listened and learned and had a memorable time taking pictures in one of the most beautiful places on earth.