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Sand Dunes at Sunset, Death Valley National Park, California:<br />
With a spring storm covering the afternoon sky, my daughter, Kellie, and I hiked for over three hours through these Death Valley sand dunes with the optimistic hope of capturing the beauty of this desert.  After finding this picturesque scene, we waited and watched as the sun set below the cloud line lighting up the dunes.  In less than 10 minutes the light was gone leaving a wonderful memory and this image of the beautiful dunes.

Basalt Formation at Sunrise Left Image, Devil’s Postpile, National Monument, California:
Before the sun rises too high in the sky, the Postpile rests in shadow with subtle, reflected light from the opposite mountain for illumination. The result is a blue, purple hue with the striking contrast of yellow lichen dotting the columns. This image was captured while camping with my daughters who remained in their warm sleeping bags while I enjoyed the frosty morning without my usual assistants.

BasaltFormationLeftImageDevils PostpileNational MonumentCalifornia

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